In our search for the best in spreading technology and equipment, CERES CONTRACTING has commissioned SOUTHERN SPREADERS of Ballarat to build and fit their 750 model spreader to the Merecedes Atego 1629 which I purchased earlier this year.

SOUTHERN SPREADERS lead the way in supplying contractors in the eastern states with spreading and support equipment.

Important features of the spreader include stainless steel construction for long service life, a unique spinner and vane design and a conveyor chain as opposed to a belt typically seen on spreaders in WA which allows for higher rates to be applied (4-5 tonnes/ha and above)

The spreader is only part of the story, the TOPCON X30 has been selected to provide both auto steer and full variable rate application.

To see the range of quality products made by SOUTHERN SPREADERS

9th Dec 2016, The build is nearing completion and I’ll be heading to Victoria soon to drive the new spreader home.

20th Dec 2016, The build is complete and I’m heading back across the Nullabor to be home for Christmas! The new spreader looks great, thanks to Jeff , Jarrod and the crew.

25th Oct 2017, With a full year of operation with the new spreader , it’s performance has been exceptional in productivity and reliability.

I have just completed sand spreading demo for topdressing turf, application rate was 50 t/ha per pass at 5m width. Pictures below.

Jan 2018, the Hilux has just  come out of the paint shop and looks amazing, thanks to Len and Dave at Dally Automotive for their work. Has completely exceeded my expectation!

Feb 2018, A new LIUGONG 835H Wheel Loader has been added to the fleet, has been performing very well  mixing lime and gypsum.

1st May 2018, A bitter sweet day with the delivery of my first spreader , the Isuzu FTS 750 and the single axle plant trailer to new owners. The Isuzu served me well in the first season. The plant trailer will be replaced this year with a larger bogie trailer to carry the LIUGONG 835H and the Hilux in one load.



 May 2020, John Deere 8295R tractor and new HANSA T12 trailed spreader arrive to backup the Atego truck spreader.


 September 2021, A Massey Ferguson 2270XD 4×3 High Density Baler has been delivered for hay and straw baling.