In our search for the best in spreading technology and equipment, CERES CONTRACTING has commissioned SOUTHERN SPREADERS of Ballarat to build and fit their 750 model spreader to the Merecedes Atego 1629 which I purchased earlier this year.

SOUTHERN SPREADERS lead the way in supplying contractors in the eastern states with spreading and support equipment.

Important features of the spreader include stainless steel construction for long service life, a unique spinner and vane design and a conveyor chain as opposed to a belt typically seen on spreaders in WA which allows for higher rates to be applied (4-5 tonnes/ha and above)

The spreader is only part of the story, the TOPCON X30 has been selected to provide both auto steer and full variable rate application.

To see the range of quality products made by SOUTHERN SPREADERS go to

Please check back soon to see the latest how the build is going .